What I like about you

Do you know what I like about you?
I’ll write it now so I have words to give.
I really like how your laugh is so loud.
Your eyes bright and your will is to live.

I like how you restrain yourself.
How you pull back from the edge.
That, when a decision needs to be made
You sound it and plunge full ahead.

I like how my ‘No.’ is typically respected.
That you can see (mostly) through my lines.
How you aren’t afraid to touch me and say,
“Baby girl, I promise it’s alright.”

I even like the way that you calm me.
That ‘overbearing’ is bearing away.
That your honesty cuts like a knife to my bones.
And you sway me with the words you say.

How I love when you do use your manners.
When your honest to goodness comes through.
I like your heartbeat and the kiss on my cheek.
And yet, there is still more to you.

I like you’re a man without trying.
And are playful, sometimes to a fault.
I like you can say, at the end of your day,
That this day you did give your all.

And I like how your care is on my thoughts.
Not on only what bystanders think.
All these likes are my own, and are dangerously,
Terrifyingly, close to bringing me to the brink.



9:07am 9/2/2013