I don’t know why I walked away.
Or even why you meddle.
I wish you would just take your tongue.
And leave. Just let me settle.

Settle: to close by payment often of less than is due.
I don’t want you to settle.
Don’t want to settle myself.
You’ve run me round in circles, kid.
Now I’m back on the shelf.

We don’t agree on this one thing.
Exclusive’s out of sight.
And though I wrestle with your will
I don’t think I’ll win this fight.

Your mechanisms I can read.
But this one’s got me floored.
How can a man with so much air
Be this nailed to the board?

I softly refuse to settle.
I won’t struggle with your past.
You won’t see I’m good enough…
That message cannot last.

I’ve fought too long, too hard, too much
To volunteer another round.
It’s the  noise that bothers me.
I’m used to lack of sound.

You cannot have the thing you seek.
This woman’s not for trade.
The things I like, I’ll find again,
It’s how true men are made.

I cannot, will not, should not settle,
Though you catch me with a glance.
I’ve no more doubt, I’ll use this out
I gave everything, a chance.

So settle this down in your chest
As I have settled mine.
Because, this prude, will still refuse,
I, never, shall be thine.