We’ve had fun, loads of laugh
Made fun on the other’s behalf.
But there comes a time when fun takes a seat
So the grown-ups can sit and speak.

Decision time is here and now
Just take a chair, don’t take a bow.
Use your words and answer true
What exactly does this mean to you?

Forever, never, for a time
Pick a one, I know one’s mine.
Stutter, stop and try again
Use the language of your kin.

Playing victim’s not allowed
Look around, there is no crowd.
Sentiments you mutter through
Stay only with me and you.

Pressure points are lightly touched
Gently we reveal so much.
Pain? Yes, possibly, today
Don’t let that fear keep you away.

Commitment, courage, take a pick
But once you have you need to stick.
For worry will not be my prize
I will to trust your sparkling eyes.

I hear the want deep in your query
You look for a good one to marry.
Theoretical I will not reply
It isn’t fair and I may cry.

Fun has its place, and laughter swell
But so-so doesn’t suit me well.
Anchor me with the words you utter
Make them clear, don’t pause or mutter.

It’s certainty that I require
Declare it now the need is dire.
Volcanoes you stir up in me
Let me erupt, or let me be.