I respond well to order
Even better to direction
I admire strength
And envy discretion

Straight talk is up my alley
Down my road and at my door
Running round in circles
Leaves me weeping on the floor

Unyielding? It’s possible
Rigidity?  Not a good fit
Demanding? There’s a good word
Particular? That could be it

I have no room for nonchalance
No desire to acquaint with ‘Eh’
If you’ve no settled mind to hunt
Then please don’t bother meh

You’ve really gotta want it
You’ve gotta give your best
For the heart of a fighter
Hammers soundly in this chest

And it will beat for another
How it longs to be joined
But it won’t settle for a heart
That’s very poorly coined

So structure is the game plan
If ever a game were played in
To the captor go the spoils
And the crown is this maiden.