Hey guys, here’s a word to define
One that plays the heart and mind
What exactly is a flirt?
A suit, perhaps, or a skirt?

What words suffice to bring about
The meaning of this word of doubt
Annoyed, toyed
Free, but otherwise employed
Funny, cute
Maybe kinda rude
Jerk, smirk
What is a flirt!?

What are the rules for eyes that glance
Lips that sigh under game of chance?
What is the exact body flaunt
That leads to an ill-advised jaunt?

How are lines drawn in this charade
What words are strewn upon a page?
What is the welcomed ‘flirting age’
And when can the reply be rage?

Is there a set and unknown sage
Who gives the gift of flirting wage
And whispers secrets from the cage
Held high in this senseless parade?

How now is flirting not so mean
As dangers that are seldom seen?
And flit upon a waiting screen
Stances devoured, one-liners gleaned

What leave has a man’s man to say
To women that sashay his way
With banter he keeps them at bay
Hungry, waiting for the day

Or say, the lady at the bar
She knows who all the bachelors are
She bats eyelashes from afar
And leaves a delicious smoky char

Oh, Flirt? Over here! Do you see?
Please tell me, and quite rapidly
What wills you to play, lavishly
Upon the strings in him and me?