Hello, world!

There has been some shifting going on, and I figure I have some explaining to do. So, let’s get started.

Jesus. No, really, Jesus. Jesus has been patient with me. I took my sweeeeeet time visiting my first church here. But, 3 weeks ago, I bucked up and went. I was a few minutes late (10:25a instead of 10:30a service, whoops), but the feel was welcoming, and worship was just kicking off. I found a seat, set my things down, and enjoyed the wonderful feeling of being at home with siblings I had never met. Once we were sitting, I realized the guy next to me was deaf. I could barely contain my excitement to Sign with him after service. It was my first *SOLO* conversation with a deaf person! Haha! Anyway, the speaker was a visiting pastor, and he spoke on ‘staying ourselves’ even when we didn’t feel like we were getting things right. It was a great message. I grabbed a ‘Connect Group’ info sheet on the way out and was given a complimentary sermon on cd. I went to a different church the following Sunday (I was out of town), but returned to it this Sunday. This time the church’s pastor delivered the sermon. Though I want to revisit the Scriptures, I enjoyed and heard the Gospel in his words. Funny thing, I connected with someone I met 4 or more years ago who goes to this church. It’s nice to have a familiar face in the group.

Family has been good. There has been a grace of health on most of us. I was somehow exposed to dairy and had to restart a treatment, but I am feeling much better now. Small tousles have been fought, some lost, some won and most compromised. I am learning to live with my parents again…yeah, I’m moving out as soon as circumstances allow. I love them, but I don’t believe it is the perfect will of God for me (or most adults in this country) to live in their parent’s’ home. I am getting to make memories that I didn’t think I would ever get to. Working on cars with my Granddad for one. How cool is that!?

I am going a bit stir crazy without a job. Multiple reasons. I like to feel productive. I enjoy being able to lend a hand financially and I don’t want to be a burden to my family. I took a CNA course and am tailoring my resume to those positions for now. It has been almost 2 months, it’s time to work.

*grins* I will only speak a few lines about this last item. I am exploring and growing and enjoying a surprisingly sweet relationship. There is a delicious defining difference. It feels wonderful.

So, that’s my last 6 or 7 weeks in a nutshell. Hope that helped ease how much you (no doubt) miss me! ‘Til next time.