These are the things I didn’t want to feel.
Disappointment, accusation.
These are part of the trade
My promise is made
There’s no leaving the situation.

The question was legitimate.
I just wasn’t feeling it.
These feelings are SO vivid.
Rapidly, from so-so to livid.
Like being schooled from a li’l bit.

For example, that near miss with the biker
I mean, I noticed some fear inside her
But the tears that near spilled
And the nervousness, REAL
Grateful, that you were there, Sir.

Oh, the trade is a force in itself.
And these brown orbs are eyeing that shelf
But to stay safe up there
Means a pale romance shared
That can’t be the last option left.

So I let the tears well
Double in on myself
Remain raw to the wave
So when I turn the page
And he asks me to stay
Soul meets soul, and they
Keep afloat and alive with no help.