Sometimes I don’t feel anything
Part of my mind thinks I should panic
But there’s no juice for that either
At least I know I’m not manic

Sometimes I feel the words
And then there are times where I don’t
I can’t really predict when it’ll happen
I just keep hoping I won’t

But I know it’s a part of the deal
Blank times are part of the process
Now I DO notice when there is a blank
That in itself is a sign of progress

Other times I don’t know what to feel
Like I have all this stimuli
But no emotion takes its hold
And there’s an absence to my eyes

Sometimes the feelings take control
And feels from midair spring
Moments I didn’t notice before
Produce a smile a laugh a sting

There are times I don’t know what to want
Or who is wanting what
Is it the feels that are in charge
Or do I think too much

How now these times so seldom come
But when they do I’m overwhelmed
My sea legs knock me off my feet
Who’s left now at the helm

Sometimes I don’t feel anything
And the void brings on a shock
But knowing I feel *anything*
Weakens bolt and lock.