Destructive, that is what this is
Destructive, can’t let a good thing live
Self-seeking, the way I wasn’t made
Self-seeking, no ‘us’ lives on this page
Anger, the safest term I know
Anger, the safest one to show
Confusion, the feel that haunts me still
Confusion, not knowing what is real
Disastrous, this waif with wild dark hair
Disastrous, comes out of nowhere
Haunting, these windows to the spirit
Haunting, how could fear not be in it
Pain-loving, the most familiar prick
Pain-loving, just enough to make me sick
Evasive, jolting left and right and back
Evasive, leaving not an inch of slack
Remorseful, for the worry that will come
Remorseful, for the pinning of the thumb
Terrified, once more, that everyone will leave
And tearful for the organ that used to hang on this sleeve