I was always afraid of jacking up, a good thing for the worse
Always a little more than wary of passing on this curse
Not like a cough, a sneeze or tickle, that lays down in the chest
More like an endless, stabbing prickle that gives its host no rest
How now can calmness take its leave, when I appear again
How dangerous it is for those I draw to as my kin
Unsettling, the wicked streak that hides in 5 foot 2
Amazing the few words uttered can turn a red heart blue
Not ready shouts the little one, seeking a place to hide
Start again, she whisper-screams when she’s poked in her side
That’s no fair, she mumbles low and hopes no one can hear
One more hug, she reaches for, but is tuned-out by the ear
No one loves, she force-believed as months slid haply by
Who now cares, she wonders loud though no one hears her cry
Start again, she scribbles in her long dark books of ink
I trust you, written quietly though the pages never blink
Start again, she offers from two lips awash in salt
Try again, comes the old familiar, harsh assault
Start again, the wheels turn slow as she heads away
Can’t stay here, the thought crosses in the cold of day
Start again, the wheels turn round and point the way they came
Start again, she all but mutters, forgetting her own name
Start again, why don’t you, try me out as if I’m new
Start again, you selfish beast, I know just what you’ll do
Start again, but let me be, your wounds are all but gone
Start again, another game, a bishop to your pawn
Start again, start once more, don’t let me slow you down
Cause everyone will start again once they see the tarnished crown.