This night, I told you, “I love you.”
You pulled back and asked, “Are you sure?”
I voiced my reply, only half as shy
Honestly, I answered. My reasoning pure.
One week, to the night, when I knew
The way I felt was only for you
I sat and I prayed, asked friends what they say
It left me wondering what to do.
Three days til the words would be spoke
Two to try turning it to a joke
One, realized, I must see your eyes
To be certain that I wouldn’t choke.
First a kiss I planted on your chin
Were you too startled to grin?
I crept and peeked over the edge
Saw you there and slowly stepped in.
So, this night, I uttered some words
That, to others, yes, might be absurd
But I saw in your face, a look I can’t place
Lest I claim your feeling assured.