Are you running from me again?
I shut my eyes and wait
Why, dear, are you running?
Push my palms against the gate.
Were you thinking something terrible?
That forever was ever near.
And what’s so wrong with happiness?
That is shows it’s face to fear?
But why do you feel the need to run?
To shield myself from the possible.
The possible good or possible bad?
The possible that seems improbable.
And what does that mean?
That I have to guard against what’s coming.
What do you think that is?
Being bound by what his heart’s drumming.
Dear one, why is it you run from me?
Because it already seems settled!
What’s that?
That my heart is happily nestled.
This is a bad thing?
It’s terrible.
Terrible that it seems inevitable.
Inevitable that this is the way it goes.
Decided that there’s no second act to this show.
Terrible that I seem to know my path.
But that can’t really be the future.
Surely that’s not the way these lives stack, and,
What about…earthquakes, hurricanes,
Tornadoes? These things happen.
I still don’t see the need to run.
Because, because, what if that’s not what I want?
What if I choose incorrectly?
You know how ‘What ifs’ can haunt.
But why are you running from ME?!
You set it all in motion.
You kicked this thing off.
I’m just a drop in your ocean.
It’s from, of, for, due to: You.
And what am I to do if this is it?
No more speculation, hesitation
Plunge full ahead toward a possible cliff?
I’m running from You, because,
Running from him seems absurd
And I think he’d notice first
And I don’t want to hear his hurt.
See! This is why I gotta run
I have to separate myself
Have to not be so affected
Have to reach back to that shelf.
I didn’t know what solace,
What solace I would release
Didn’t read the fine print
Before I signed the lease
And the details terrify me
How can I know my lot?
Could it be, my destiny,
Is baking, bleach and snot?
NO! NO! No. no.
What liberties to be retrieved
When I remove this stupid organ
From this useless sleeve?
How can it be worth it?
How can people count the cost
Of loving one, forsaking all
What liberties are lost!?
So, that is why I’m running
I’m running from the chance
That my whole life be lost within
Another’s gentle glance.
I run because it’s easier
To steer just my own ship
And let the hand drift away
The hand upon my hip.
Because if I run from YOU
Then he will follow suit
And finally, eventually,
It’ll verify my truth.