This year started with a party and a bang! And no, they are not the same thing. I think I have some poems to publish, but not right now.

One of my closest friends got married on New Year’s Eve and we PARTIED MUCH HARDER THAN YOU EVEN KNOW! I danced, laughed, shouted, hooted, hollered, yelled inappropriate things at the couple. You don’t even know.

People, I am so very in love with a man. His name is Matthew and I can’t even think of him without smiling. My heart does all of these funny things and no longer feels content to beat in my chest when he looks at me in that way he does. He is amazing and wonderful and patient and kind…and of the things you all know I DESPERATELY need. The way he cares for me is astounding. In ways I have never considered, he makes room for me. How I want so much to be good enough for him. I try to love him well. I remember exactly NO ONE telling me how infuriatingly difficult this would be. However, if I still get to hold his hand when the Sun goes down, I will give more than I have. Matthew is worth it.

Grandma has been doing better this year. Still some scary moments, but overall, better. Thank you for your prayers. Please keep them coming.

Sometimes, this whole ‘dairy-free living’ thing really  bothers me. I don’t like how it puts so many restrictions on those I love. They say it’s not hard, that it’s not a burden, but I find it so very inconvenient. I am learning to get over myself…a bit. But, I think it will just take more time.

Pardon me, people, but, do you remember AAAAALLLLLLLLLLL of those posts about wanting to cry and not knowing why? WELL! We are past the wanting part, and have now entered Tear Central. Good grief. I cry more than ever. I have probably cried more in the past 3 weeks than the past 3 years combined. And that is no exaggeration. Matthew is steady and, to his credit, is not phased by my tears, but I find them annoying. Help!

Ummm, this is not yet Social Media friendly, yet I can’t keep it down anymore: Remember that gentleman I introduced by name about 2 paragraphs ago? Yeah, him. He wants to marry me. What’s that? How do I know? Because that fine, good, honest man got down on one knee, opened a little black box and asked me to marry him. My response? ‘Yes, I will marry you.’ So, it follows,


Okay, I’m good. I’m good. Isn’t that the best news to kick off the year!? I thought so. I love you, folks.

As you were.