I have lots of feels
And these feels, let me tell you, these feels are for real(s)
They make me feel crazy, these fields full of feels
And they pull and they sway me, even bringing forth meals
And the feels are so ornery,
They struggle to win, til the feels spread their power they fester deep in
The feels give me sickness, and desire to sin
But I can’t let the feels feel the quiver within
Sometimes feels are easy
They pass like a breeze, or just a tickle from a phantom sneeze
And sometimes they strike me and throw me from trees
Their ears are sealed shut, ignoring my pleas
Damn the feels!
Damn them all! I’ve no cause to fall
Because the feels are so big and my heart is so small
And the world won’t stop spinning, won’t stop sending them here
Yet my eyes still stay open and me ears stretch to hear
All the words and emotions and meanings running wild
And soon I am cowered in a corner, a child
These feels make me pull back
Make me leave a cold space
Make me want to start over
Make me try to erase
But they’ve nowhere to go, they are trapped in my mind
And I can’t help but see them, they’re so apt to find
You know, at times, the feels stay away
I can go blissful hours, all passion at bay
And the over-stimulated, heart strings heave a sigh
And remember times past when the eyes could just lie
And the hands be held still
And the mouth in a line
And the mind ignores signs
While the pulse beats a drill
And the peace that comes ready when chaos is the norm
And each feel is shut, behind the door in its dorm
But along comes a ‘something’, and it yanks that alarm
And though there’s no fire, the panic’s the charm
There’s screaming and fighting and gnashing of teeth
There’s feels on the ceilings and feels underneath
And feels run the town, they’ve no fear of the law
The law preaches patience, the feels hold a saw
They wear on the RA, the poor tired soul
They war against order, cause tears in the whole
These feels break my re-solve
Make breathing a chore
They bow to no master, they honor no king
They walk about proudly, my heart in their cling
I have lots of feels, not many police
Only when they’re ready, is my mind released.
The feels wear me empty, they burden my spirit
Lo! If you’ve love, then don’t let me near it.