Hello, faithful readers!

I hope you all are well. Update. Update. Let’s see…

Well, the news is fully social-media friendly: I am marrying the kindest, most honest man I have ever met this year!!! I can NOT wait. I mean, I will, obviously, but I am pretty stinking excited. We have met with the wedding planner and MY is there a bit to do. Anywho, it will be an amazing time and we will do our best to enjoy our engagement.

I am on the job hunt. Except, this time, I am looking in a city I have never lived in before. It is interesting, but a bit difficult. My sweetheart is being very supportive, but it is still not my favorite thing. Please pray I find a great job that is more than a paycheck and time away from my future husband.

Funny story: I stepped in to the shower today, only to realize that the water is getting cool very quickly. I hop out, step into the hallway, and see my dad standing there, also in a towel. I ask him if he was showering, because he looked pretty dry. I asked, “Did you just get out of the shower?” He replies, after a pause, ‘No.’ “Then why are you in a towel?” ‘I didn’t use soap.’ “What?” Another pause. ‘It was my pre-shower. I just stood in the hot water.’ “You just stood in the hot water?” Walks away.

Um, I think that’s about it. I love you guys. Later!