Well, I guess you feel you deserve an update, huh? fine, fine.

Where to begin? Well, I MOVED! Yes, again. I now live in beautiful central Florida. God granted me a pretty awesome job where I am a Supervisor, and I love it! I work with a great team, helping loads of people every day. The office atmosphere is light and I am productive as I have ever been.

I am staying with family until August. Why August? Because my incomprehensibly amazing fiancé found us an apartment! The lease starts in August, so I get to live alone for 6 weeks! After that, I gain a permanent roommate in my love. I am over the moon about it!

What else? Gosh, I’ve really been slacking on wedding planning. The Wedding Planner has been awesome, but I have to buckle down. There is still much to do, but the most pressing matters were taken care of months ago. Praise!

Hm, I think that is it for now. That ought to hold you over for a few more weeks. I will try to post again soon! Maybe even something that rhymes…