You’re changing me. Just today? I noticed that not only am I getting a little accustomed to spicy food, I actually like some of it. Stressing the *some* part, here. And, when I am becoming so focused on things of little significance, your relaxed attitude helps me to put those small things into perspective, even if the initial blush scratches me. How about, when we are running around, and you suggest a pause for a quiet lunch? Because you packed a picnic? And we visit our park? You told me before that you ‘unlocked the bowler’ in me. But, love, I think you have unlocked a great deal more.

You are teaching me to really laugh at myself. To understand and trust the motivation of others, even if their temporary actions might suggest different. To love God more. To really, truly, love God more. And not be ashamed about it. You are changing even the way I view couples. The way I see you in our relationship. The way we handle any situation, and how you encourage me to rely on you. You are changing my mind about how to truly be dependable, and how that doesn’t just mean on time.

Thank you, lover. Thank you for being and doing and saying and living beside me. I am absolutely thrilled to become, and remain, your wife.

I love you,

Truly yours