It’s as if you hum along,
and the force blindsides you, right?
Like, first there is no warning,
then bam! without a fight.

Or, you’re talking to a buddy
and they make a sly request
before you can even prepare
the force is on your chest.

Maybe when you’re arguing
you feel a certain tug
lo, behold, see that darn force
had gone and pulled the rug.

Perhaps you are out and about,
remember a lapsed task
and the force declares you must
amend, or face the wrath.

You’re munching, happy, on a meal,
feel the atmosphere change
the force had come and damned your fun
and you don’t even know its name.

The force is sneaky, yes indeed.
It leaves no calling card.
Only the truth that by abuse
your learning will be hard.

Can one understand the force?
Perhaps, with pointed looks.
In the now, we force the bow
and slyly cook the books.