I went for a drive tonight. It wasn’t terribly long. Clocking in under an hour.

Why go for a drive? I was disappointed. A touch overwhelmed.

I mean, I’m pretty much in a land-locked city. So, gone was the option of the beach in its consistent crashing. Away was the hope of watching a river pass beneath my feet. But, I needed something that moved. And the car is the fastest thing I’ve got.

So. I went for a drive. How was it? Meh. I noticed a few more businesses and the like around my block. I drove until I saw a street name I recognized. I passed that Wal-Mart that I will never visit again.

I was asked tonight, “What do you want to do?”

My answer was, “Go away.”

That is what the drive was a teensy bit like for me tonight. I still had to come back. I am still limited on just how far and fast and frequently I can go. But, alas, tonight: I went. I was away. And during that short drive, I felt away. I was just as indifferent as the next guy.