Today is day two of pumping.
Day two of expressing.
Day two of producing bountiful amounts of breast milk.
My body responding to the changes.
The changes that come with bearing down and birthing.
Birthing another soul into the bright, chilly atmosphere of life apart.
It is going well. The pumping.
The storing of liquid gold for a child.
A child I don’t have. Not with me.
I have this child. I have had this child.
But he is not WITH me. He is physically absent.
This son’s soul is with Abba. His empty vessel a few miles away.
But, I am pumping, expressing, storing.
For a child. A child I don’t have.
For a child in need. Perhaps like my own Charlie.
And I will continue to squeeze and freeze and squeeze and freeze.
For a child. A child someone has.
A precious, precious, incredible soul someone has.