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Hmm…So, my church is doing a 40 day fast. This leaves 2 things to be decided: what to fast as a group and what to fast individually.

I’m thinking of just 2 things to fast. One: from writing online. Instead of journaling here for all o’ ya’ll, I would only journal by hand. Two: this is more of an exchange, I would not watch TV unless I worked out for that day/week.

Now, that leaves lots of things to be decided. What workout? Where? How often? How long? Journal about what? Is there a min/max?

I might do some food fasting as well, but I think these things are better at getting me to pay attention. And that’s what I need to do. Pay attention.

What about you? Are you or have you recently participated in a fast?


From Isaiah 12 (mostly)

With joy! I draw water from the wells of salvation!
With joy! I draw water from the wells of salvation! (2 times)

With joy! With joy! With joy (held a little longer)! (maybe not here)

My God is a cistern! My God is a cistern!
My God is a cistern! My God is a cistern!
My God, is a cistern! My God, is a cistern!
My God, is a cistern! My God, is a cistern!

With joy! I draw water from the wells of salvation!
With joy! I draw water from the wells of salvation! (2 times)

With joy! With joy! With joy (held a little longer)!

Give thanks to the Lord and call on His name
Make known among the nations, all His people proclaim
That His name is exalted, He’s done glorious things
Let all the people bow in respect for our King!
Let all the people bow at the throne of our King.
Everyone will bow, at the feet of our King!

For great is the Holy One of Israel among us!
For great is the Holy One of Israel among us.
For great is the Holy One of Israel among us.

With joy! With joy! With joy!

So, while on only day one of fasting, I was at work and God gave me a somewhat entertaining analogy. So, I’m sitting down, putting pipet tips in holders before autoclaving them (sorry, lab nerd jargon) and I have been slowly trying to make my left hand more dexterous. Anyway, I am fumbling, trying to get these little plastic pieces into holes with my left hand, thinking “I just gotta figure out how to get my left hand to do what I want it to do” and God told me this:
Sometimes, this is how I feel with my children.

*WHOA* Crazy thought right?

Here’s what I got from that. Some of us, are like God’s right hand, we always do what He wants, and we do it efficiently and smooth. But others, we are like His left hand. Which He uses, but is still trying you to get to do exactly what He wants done. Are we the left hand that just get the job done but a little sloppily? Do we skip a tedious task just to finish quicker? Are we short-handing God? Are we the hand that He can’t always depend on, because sometimes we just don’t get it?

Well, I am. At least, I was. I am now striving much harder to do the will of my God immediately and proficiently. I take Ezekiel 12:6 as my own : So I did as I was commanded. What a simple, yet ridiculously challenging verse.

I challenge you saints today- Do as you are commanded. Be God’s right hand man (or woman). Stay in His will and love like no one’s business.

I love you all.

In Christ,


So real it’s surreal

Well, this is it, the final 18 hours. Man, feels strange. Now that I know I am eating soon, my body is screaming for food. I always find the last moments to be the hardest. Which means that I will be praying over my own food at Crispers, just to be sure. Haha. I am excited. I can’t wait to take a seat, sit still, and just wonder at all that God has taught me and done in or through me during these last 15 days. To tell you the truth, I was never worried whether or not I would be able to make it 15 days, they flew by; What I was thinking of was-what am I going to want to eat when I finish? Anyway, be encouraged! This is the final stretch! Don’t forget to pray extra hard-Thursday stands for finals week of Fall semester! I love you all very much. Gonna do homework and sleep as much as I can.

What my life comes down to:

Love my Lord, obey my Master, serve my King

So, after reading Joel’s post, I was like: God, can I have a vision?

He answered, “Sure” and began to speak to me. I bowed my head down and listened.

* ” “= God speaking* *anything else=me*

“There is a small tree by a stream. It had been planted for a while, but had not grown because no one was there to water it. One day, a small cloud came along, and watered the little tree. The tree began to grow. The cloud came back every day, and the little tree kept growing. One day, when the tree was about the size of a man, the cloud did not come. The tree waited another day, and yet the cloud did not come. Thirsty and growing weak, the tree pushed, strained, and grew one of its roots until it reached water. The tree received water from that root, and was satisfied. But only after 2 days, the tree was no longer satisfied with just receiving water from one root,, so it stretched another root in the same direction as the first, and was satisfied with two. But after a few days, 2 roots were still not enough. So the tree reached ALL of it’s roots to the same place the first 2 roots had gone. Finding that all of it’s roots were able to reach water, the tree realized that a flowing river that seemed to have no end was next to it all the time. And the tree could drink it’s fill, never going without, continually able to satisfy it’s ever-increasing thirst.”

“Do you now what this means?”

Um, kind of. The tree is me, the cloud is Jesus, wait, the stream is…

“The tree is the young believer. The cloud are the spiritual nursers, as with a small child, an infant yet to be weaned. The stream is My Son, Jesus.”

And the stream was there the whole time, able to be reached, if only we could realized it. Huh. God, can I just have a vision a day.

“Sure. You just need to listen.”

I gotta tell you guys the vision God showed me as I began to pray around 4pm today. I was talking to God about my mission trip this summer, how NOTHING could ever make me doubt my security in Christ, absolutely nothing(I know it’s a strong statement). And to give me more of Him, more gifts, to stop limiting my faith, and this is what He showed me.

*Quotations=God. No quotes=me. Parentheses=what I saw*

“Alexia, you’re in a car on a highway. You’re speeding, but just above the speed limit. Those around you are going 200, 250 (mph) and you’re just over 100. What’s wrong with that?”

(I see my car, going about normal speed, but there are cars going around me, so fast I can barely see their color, just more than a blur.)

They’re going faster than me.


Because their Word is their fuel. The more they read it, the more goes into their gas tank, the faster they are able to go for longer amounts of time.

“Exactly. So what do you need to do?”

Read my Word more, so I can get more fuel, so I can go faster.

“Right. So you can all be going the same speed. “

(I see a line of cars, straight across, racing rapidly ahead, all lined up perfectly with each other)

“Then, My daughter, you can all stand and fight together against Satan for me, all able to fill each others tanks because you’re so close, all able to notice when another is slowing down, always able to keep your tanks full, because you’re pushing each other on. In a family like this, child, none will be left behind. Write it down.”

Yes, Sir.

Yo ho ho! How is everyone today? Swell I hope. Well, I am happy…no, I am JOYFUL. I heard an awesome on fire message from one of my brothers, Derek, and finished all of my homework, all before midnight! Haha! Praise God! You know, along with all that God is moving and changing inside of me, I am learning to appreciate the small things. Like genuine smiles, love from my brothers and sisters, security in my Messiah, something sweet on my tongue, comfort and warmth. I realize the luxury it is to eat when you’re hungry. The effect a hug has on my mood. Can I just take a moment to be honest?

I cherish every member of my Every Nation Family. From crazy Susan, out-there Ross, funny Donny to encouraging Roberto, shy Joel, awesome-accent Donna. I mean, ALL OF YOU are such a blessing to me. Every single one of you God is using to teach me something, ways I can improve, mannerisms to drop, verses to memorize. I appreciate the rebukes, the questions, the odd looks to some things I say. You are all amazingly fantastic and I love what God is doing in you!

Okay, so, I have been having a blast on this fast. I’ve walked into a few delicious smells, and had to run away. Haha. But otherwise, I feel fine and I know that God is moving in me. I don’t know, this is fun to me. Yeah, I want solid food, but it’s not a very big deal. I don’t know, fasting is hard, but I like it. The results and the process. I think that’s because I used to be bad at processes and order of events, because my life was glazed over due to the fact that I wasn’t living the life God called me to, and I was denying Him lordship over my life-so everything was a haze. Wow that was a long sentence. But yeah, so I enjoy all aspects of fasting, minus having to take it slowly afterward-but even in that I like being forced to moderate my actions. I LIVE for structure. I love set rules and procedures. Like medicine, I may not be ready for every case that comes in, but 9 time out of 10, there will be a procedure to follow, a way to wash my hands, papers to fill out, specific protective gear to wear, predictable. If I didn’t feel like crying when someone yells at me, I would make an excellent soldier. I love dedication, being enveloped by my task, and doing repetitive things. So, the military would be for me, if I wasn’t already part of a force that cannot be defeated.

So, point of this post: I love fasting. I love my family in Christ. I am learning. I am changing. God is doing it all. My Lord is Lord of ALL!
Reece’s voice: Amen?


So, I have to start off with what’s on my heart right now. I have been having a rather heated argument with my roommate. We have differing views on current events, and her standpoint bugs me. Also, I have noticed before, and it continues to happen, when I feel strongly about something, especially something that deals with God, I have a hard time controlling my voice, and my hands shake. I feel so offended and angry, and it’s hard to keep my voice inflections in check. So, I don’t know what the deal is with that…any insight would be appreciated.

Anyway, today was okay. I felt like I shut off in my own world for a little while, but I straightened up alright.

Felt like my mouth was dry, decided to up my water intake. Otherwise, diet is going fine.

Um, not a bunch to report. Classes. My calculator stopped working. went to the dollar store with Liz-bought tons of stuff, things that will hopefully be a treat to all my fellow ‘fasters’ out there. Can’t wait to fellowship and break bread with my family of believers.

Let me know if there’s something you want to know.

Well HULLO there! Missed me? I have missed blogging. So we are on day 6…yeah. Not too many more to go. Still feel pretty well. Okay, on to business.

Sunday, busy as usual:

  1. Church
  2. Hung around at church because we couldn’t really go to lunch.
  3. Leadership Meeting
  4. Wal-Mart with Liz
  5. Home for a bit
  6. ENLI
  7. Publix
  8. Home, study with Liz
  9. Bed

Yesterday(Monday) I talked to a girl in my chemistry class and she was feeling a little discouraged because of a grade she had received on an exam. So, God used to me to speak encouragement to her, as well as to give her a Devotional Handbook. SO I stopped by her place Monday and talked with her, she let off some steam, thanked me for the handbook, and looked better. So, yay for God working in me and through me already!

Today, class…class…support letters…prayer…support letters…home. Homework. Now.
See, busy busy busy. Sorry guys, my next post will be better. Stay encouraged! I love you all!
Psalm 62:6!

So, day 3, the hardest day so far. But it was only hard for a few hours. I went to a get together and there was baked spinach and cheese dip…it smelled awesome! Plus other food, cake, fruit, veggies, thinks like that. Anyway, I was fighting tooth and nail-and it worked; although it smelled great, my mouth did not water once.

Plus, thinking about how LESS satisfying it would be if I gave in to please my flesh now, than if I stayed faithful (leaning on God’s strength of course) and finished the fast. That thought improved my determination tons. I pondered how many people my broken commitment to God would affect. Thought about how useless and defeated I would feel if I gave in, pleasing the flesh that is ultimately aiming to bring my downfall. In short, God kept me strong.

Today, I had an awesome time with a group of wonderful, beautiful ladies. Katie’s Bridal shower was today! I love my life so much! And I love my God even more. Stay strong family! Oops, not sure if I gave a verse for the day. Here’s one, sorry it’s late: Psalm 55:22. Later!

Okay, I was reminded about this after reading Liz’s post: Today, my sugar got pretty low and my hands began to shake. I was shopping with Liz and I felt my knees go weak, and I told her I didn’t feel well. Liz bought me a fruit punch, and after drinking it I felt a little better. But I think that was the closest I’ve ever been to passing out, or at least feeling like I could lose control of my body. If it gets like that again I am gonna have to increase my calorie intake, up the sugar I have, and rest a ton more. Granted, today was a long, long day for me-up at 8am, home at 930pm. When you fast you’re supposed to rest more, and I haven’t been able to do that-I’ve had about 11 hours of sleep over the past 3 nights, and I have been fasting for the past 3 days. Just thought I would let you guys know that I know we’re not invincible, but our God is! Prayer for a wise decision. Love you all!